Mark & Aileen – 1 July 2017

When the Tiny blond Lady with her Scottish husband “to be” entered the venue for their first viewing, with their little son we immediately fell in love with them. Mark and Aileen’s wedding was on the 1st of July 2017 at Imperfect Perfection. Their wedding had a Scottish twist with even the little ring bearer (Keagen) wearing a kilt, sooooooo cute!!!! There was nothing predictable about this wedding, for us the experience was heartfelt , spontaneous, genuine and so full of joy at the same time. If you did not notice the tartan at the entrance of the venue and realize that this might be a wedding with a Scottish twist, it would have all made sense when Cole started playing the bag pipes as the bride started walking down the tree isle! Really so beautiful.

From the venue’s side we felt it, and was touched with moments of colourful emotions, pure and sincere.
Mark and Aileen is a couple who knew what they wanted and so content with whom they are. The look and feel was a perfect mix between Scottish red and fairy light bling (for the ladies) and lots of detail without sweating the small stuff. And then some more entertainment………

AND ALL OF A SUDDEN…… the bride stood up and out of this tiny body came the most amazing voice. She was serenading her husband!!!All of our staff came to listen, uninvited (I must add) from the kitchen to the security guard Steve to our Laundry lady Johanna. At the end Shelly, one of our Kitchen staff members shouted: I love you!!! Like a real groupie! Looking at the faces of our staff, we have realized, we have all fallen in love with the couple, Shelley, Steve and Johanna included!
On a more serious note:
As a new family, Mark, Aileen and Keagen have been through their own individual challenges which touched each one of us! As a family they can face anything and we know that they will be very blessed and supported. It was amazing to interact with their guests and it felt great to know that they have so many people that will absolutely go out of their way to love them. Their wedding was authentic, a reflection of Mark and Aileen, and as you know, Imperfect Perfection values authenticity!!!!

Click on the featured image to view this gorgeous wedding.